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From cutting classes to brawling in the streets, Yusuke Urameshi is not your typical role model. But in a single selfless act Yusuke dies while saving another. For such a noble sacrifice, he is given a second chance at life. The young man must track down demons and humans alike who desire to rule over the three realms of reality.


The Dark Tournament is a seminal moment in anime history, and a fan-favorite arc for anime fans all around the world. And make no mistake – this isn’t just a normal booster pack, Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament is an experience of a lifetime!

Yu Yu Hakusho Enchanced Recap

The masterpiece Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament is coming to UniVersus CCG as a local game store exclusive and will be available February 23, 2024. It is based on the supernatural action manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi that tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent teenager who becomes a Spirit Detective after his death. We will expand the Yu Yu Hakusho line with a booster pack with a character card, six commons, three uncommons, one foil rare, and one reprint card. However, some packs will have a retro reprint and a time-shifted reprint instead, and others may have a parallel-foil character and a character card.*

Fans of Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament can join their local game store on the 23rd to participate in release events earning the alternate art promo card, “Urameshi Perseverance.” Winners will receive a victory-stamped promo card and victory playmat as well as an invitation to the online Yu Yu Hakusho Wish Tournament event. 

Look for a local game store near you for an event.

*Updated 1/18/2024


Wish Tournament

The winners of these in-store events will be invited to participate in the Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Wish Tournament, an online webcam tournament that will take place on March 9th and 10th. This tournament will be the first major tournament in the Standard format, and yes, take on a new character from this set. (Limited to play only as one of your favorite Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament character.)

The Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Wish Tournament will be a two-day event where the best UniVersus players will battle for glory and prizes. The top 4 players of this event will receive a special “Top 4” stamped version of each of the 4 chrome rares from the Dark Tournament set, which is unique and exclusive to this event. 

The Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Wish Tournament grand champion will get to choose from three amazing prizes. The first option is to receive one of every retail product released by UVS Games in 2024, including booster sets, challenger series, and accessories like sleeves or deck boxes. The second option is to design your own UniVersus card, working with the UVS design team to create a card of yourself. The third option is to attend GenCon 2024 as a VIP (without travel or lodging) on a 4-day pass, get free entry into all UniVersus events there, receive every product for sale by UVS Games at GenCon, and have dinner with the UVS team.

Wish Tournament Prizing

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