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Below you will find basic information on the products that UVS Games creates for sale. For more specific release information, please refer to the product listings on our webshop or to sell sheets available for download in our marketing assets.

UniVersus Booster Display

Also referred to as booster boxes, these boxes contain a number of individual booster packs that players can purchase one at a time or in bulk, giving them more cards to create and modify their UniVersus decks. These products represent the main source of content and sales for collectible card games, and many stores find value in maintaining stock of older booster displays to expand player choice and sales opportunities.

[IMAGE] UVS - Retailer Page - Products - UniVersus Booster Display
[IMAGE] UVS - Retailer Page - Products - UniVersus Hanging Boosters

UniVersus Hanging Boosters

Hanging boosters are a way for a store to sell booster packs from a peg display instead of directly from a display box. Often seen in mass market stores but available to hobby shops as well, each cardboard pack contains one individual booster pack within it.

UniVersus Single Deck Products

These decks focus on one specific character or theme, delivering a preconstructed deck, ready to play right out of the box. For those players who are a fan of that character or who are intimidated by building their own deck, these products are perfect.

[IMAGE] UVS - Retailer Page - Products - UniVersus Single Deck Products
[IMAGE] UVS - Retailer Page - Products - UniVersus Prerelease Kit

UniVersus Prerelease Kit

With most UniVersus booster set releases, we will offer prerelease events to those retailers who are part of the UniVersus Gaming Network (UGN). Prerelease events feature a special product designed to help the retailer run this event for their players, including the items needed for participating players to be able to build a deck from the new set.

Board Games

We have released a number of different board games under the Jasco Games imprint, and we have plans to release new board games in the future. Each game features new mechanics and play styles for customers to explore!

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[IMAGE] UVS - Retailer Page - Products - Card Games

Card Games

UVS Games also produces card games beyond UniVersus! Our card game products feature different styles of play, a variety of IPs and more!

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Stay up to date with the roadmap progress, announcements and exclusive discounts. Feel free to sign up with your email.

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