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Below you will find descriptions of the various marketing and play programs we offer to retailers as well as information on how to be part of these programs.

The UniVersus Gaming Network (UGN)

The UniVersus Gaming Network is the primary way we provide support to retailers, helping them grow communities, execute events and introduce new players to UniVersus. As stores run and report events within the UGN, it lets us know how best to support them with promotional items, events and other support. Additionally, players who participate in UGN events earn Loyalty Points which they can trade for non-foil copies of certain promotional cards.

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In Store Promotional Assets

For stores within the UGN, UVS Games regularly ships out posters, standees and other in store promotional and advertising items. Not only do they help your store look great, but they also serve as constant advertisements for products, events and more! If you're not yet part of the UGN and would like some posters or other materials, feel free to reach out to us and request some.

Email us at LGS@UVSGames.com

Prerelease Events

Prereleases are special sealed play events that happen with the release of our booster sets. Each Prerelease features a special product, the Prerelease Kit, which helps promote the event and make it easier for the store to administer as well as some extra prize support for the store to hand out to players. To be eligible to run prereleases, stores need to be active in the UGN.

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Demo Kits

We have UniVersus demo kits available to stores on an ongoing basis. Available to stores both within the UGN as well as those who have not yet joined, it features a variety of materials to help you get new players started with UniVersus! Contact the LGS team to request one!

Email us at LGS@UVSGames.com

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Plus Ultra Kits

Plus Ultra Kits are designed to support your regular in-store UGN events, giving players a strong reason to come to your events as they earn exclusive promotional prize cards! We update Plus Ultra Kits with every new set release, featuring special treatments or characters from the newest release. UVS Games sends Plus Ultra kits out worldwide on a monthly basis based on your reported attendance through the UGN.

Sealed Play Kits

Sealed Play events provide an opportunity for players to have a deck building challenge as they can only use the cards within their opened packs while allowing the store to promote a different style of play. Sealed Play Kits were designed to directly support and promote sealed play events within your store and feature highly sought after alternate art promotional cards. As of October 2023, we are changing how stores receive these promotional cards - we will automatically send them to stores monthly based on previous Sealed or Draft play reported in the UGN.

If you would like to get some Sealed Play promotional cards, just start running some sealed or draft events in your store and we will send them with a future Plus Ultra mailing!

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Provisional Store Championships (PSCs)

Provisional Store Championship events are your store’s flagship competitive tournament for each season. PSC events provide exclusive foil cards to the participants as well as being the main mechanism through which players can earn their qualification to compete at National Premier Play level events. PSC events are only offered to those stores who have a very active play community within the UGN.

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