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UniVersus is a one of a kind game. Simple principles, complex interactions, deep strategic gameplay. It is the ultimate card game. Come try it for yourself!

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A Universe of Characters

Collect and battle with your favorite characters from iconic properties like Cowbop Bebop to modern "Smash"-hits like My Hero Academia!

UVS04 League of Villains | 110 United States of Smash
UVS04 League of Villains | 085 Dark Shadow Berserk
UVS04 League of Villains | 001 Dabi
UVS04 League of Villains | 010 Himiko Toga
055 Tomura Shigaraki XR
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Our Community

UniVersus has been around since 2006, because it is a great game, but also because it has the best community in card games.

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MHA06 Clash Deck Toga 2
MHA06 Clash Deck Toga 2

Starter Deck

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DLC Pack

MHA06 Booster Box 2
MHA06 Booster Box 2

Booster Box

MHA06 Playmat Ochaco 1
MHA06 Playmat Ochaco 1


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