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Get Started With UniVersus

Welcome to the world of UniVersus! To start playing UniVersus, the best product to look into is a starter deck. The newest starter deck products are My Hero Academia Clash Deck: Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga.

Each deck contains 51 cards (50 cards + 1 character card) focused on the abilities that make each character unique!

These Clash Decks are ready to play right out of the box, making them perfect for new players! Expand their strategies with cards from all MHACCG sets, especially Jet Burn!

The decks also contain a learn to play guide and a paper playmat to help guide new players. Completely built with new players in mind, these decks feature cards that will help new players get to the fun faster.

From there, find a local game store near you and start on your journey!

Jet Burn Clash Deck

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Find A Community Near You

Your next step is to find a community near you and get in the game!

Playing at official UGN stores lets you get exclusive foil cards as well as loyalty points which can be exchanged for sweet swag!

Our digital community is friendly and welcoming to new players, hop onto our Discord or Facebook groups and you’ll find someone that can guide you through your UniVersus journey!


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Find a store

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