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UVS Games is the intersection of IP-driven fandom and social tabletop gaming. Who hasn't wondered which of their favorite characters would triumph if their universes ever collided? Our mission is to bring people together, help them share their fandom together, and answer the question: Who would win?

Our flagship property is the UniVersus Collectible Card Game (CCG), a character-driven, multi-IP fighting card game. It’s the only CCG that allows you to play as your favorite character from your most-loved franchises.

UniVersus, originally known as Universal Fighting System, was first released in 2006. It’s a
well-established, proven CCG - and one of the oldest continuously published collectible, tabletop games. Throughout its history, UniVersus has partnered with leading IPs from the worlds of fighting games, anime and more.

Across our 17+ year history, fans have fallen in love with the game’s rich mechanics, the various worlds we explore together and most of all the true friendships and bonds that are made along the way.

At UVS Games, we love what we do. We’re industry veterans, professional gamers, and most of all, fans. We can’t wait to meet you at your neighborhood local game store!

-The UVS Games Team


History of UniVersus

UniVersus is a collectible card game system that takes the best moves from popular fighting video games and shows to create strategy-intensive, combat gameplay. The game has featured a number of different IPs, and for over 15 years has held an active and dedicated player base. Check out our history below!


Jasco Games rebrands to UVS Games and updates the UniVersus logo

UVS Games and UniVersus new rebrand logos

Jasco Games launches the latest version of the UniVersus card game with the release of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game. UFS is relabeled to UVS (UniVersus).

POW! Interactive acquires the rights to the UniVersus card game system.

UniVersus My Hero Academia Set 5 cards that feature: Izuku Midoriya and Intimidating Charge

Based on the popular board game, Seventh Cross is added to the UFS system.

A set based on Yu Yu Hakusho, a manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, is added to the UFS system.

Yu Yu Hakusho Collectible Card Game Booster Box

A third Namco IP, Cowboy Bebop, is added to the UFS system with a Booster set and Turbo Box. Cowboy Bebop was the first anime license to be added to UFS.

An IP published by Warner Bros. Games called Mortal Kombat X is added to the UFS system

A Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers set is released.

Cowboy Bebop Collectible Card Game 2-Player Turbo Box: Spike vs. Vicious

An original IP published by Level 99 Games, World of Indines, is added to UFS.

UFS (Universal Fighting System) World of Indines

A third Capcom license, Mega Man, is added to UFS with the release of Rise of the Masters.

A Mega Man Collectors Tin is released.

Mega Man cards

The King of Fighters (SNK) is reintroduced into UFS with The King of Fighters XIII.

The King of Fighters XIII cards that feature Terry and Shiranui-Ryuu: Kunoichi-no-Mai

The publication rights to UFS are transferred to Jasco Games, a game company based in Lubbock, Texas.

An original IP created by Jasco Games called Red Horizon is added to the UFS system.

Jasco Games logo

Soulcalibur IV (Namco) and ShadoWar (an original IP created by Fantasy Flight Games) are added to the UFS system.

A second Namco IP, Tekken 6, is added to the UFS system.

Soulcalibur IV cards that feature Cassandra and Voldo

A Street Fighter Battle Pack, Ryu vs. Akuma,is released.

The fifth Soulcalibur III set, Higher Calibur, is released. The second SNK set, Fortune & Glory, is released.

A second Capcom license, Darkstalkers, is added to the UFS system. The sixth Street Fighter set, Fight for the Future, is released.

Darkstalkers cards that feature Cassandra, Felicia, Ken, and Ryu

Just two months later, UFS officially launches with the simultaneous release of two separate card sets based on Street Fighter (Capcom)and Soulcalibur III (Namco).

A license agreement with SNK, a Japanese video game company, adds new cards to the UFS system based on The King of Fighters 2006 and Samurai Shodown V.

UFS (Universal Fighting System) The King of Fighters 2006 cards that feature Kyo and Athena

The Universal Fighting System (UFS) is designed by Sabertooth Games, a game publisher based in Memphis, Tennessee. The first official product launches in 2005 and features a "Battle Box" based on an online comic called Penny Arcade.

Penny Arcade "Battle Box" that feature the card "Gabe, Boy Wonder"

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Stay up to date with the roadmap progress, announcements and exclusive discounts. Feel free to sign up with your email.

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