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How can I run official UniVersus events?

We have an organized play and retailer support program called the UGN (Universus Gaming Network). This program allows stores to run official tournaments, receive free promotional materials and gives players the opportunity to earn participation points for playing in those official events. Stores can sign up for free for this program through the UGN website.

Join the UGN.

How can I purchase UVS Games products for my store?

Retailers looking to carry our products in their store can reach out to an authorized distributor in their region.

Where can I find assets to help me promote UVS Games products or events?

You can find digital as well as self print files over in our Marketing Assets section.

How do loyalty points work for players of UniVersus games?

Players earn loyalty points for participating in UGN events, with more points awarded to players who participate in store level or higher events. These points may be redeemed for non-foil copies of certain promotional cards through our website.

Loyalty Program Info

How can I update my store information in the UGN?

You can update all of your own store information within the UGN by logging into your account online. If you are having technical problems with your account, please reach out to us at

Log Into the UGN.

What can I do with extra promo cards or other promotional materials?

Stores who have extra cards from a promotional event should follow any specific instructions we've sent about how to handle those cards, or if there are no special instructions they should hand out those extra cards at a future event. Extra promotional materials (i.e. posters) can be handed out to players as the store sees fit. Extra promotional cards or materials should never be sold, or else the store risks being removed from the UGN.

How can I run a Prerelease event?

Stores looking to run a prerelease event need to be active in the UGN - specifically they need to regularly be running UGN events. Approximately 2 months before the Prerelease event, we will inform our distribution partners who is eligible to purchase Prerelease kits and run the event.

Join the UGN.

Can I use your marketing assets to make other items for my store or for sale? (i.e. playmats, mugs, etc.)

Marketing assets are provided to stores for the sole purpose of promoting UVS Games products or UGN events online or in store. They are not approved to be modified, nor are they approved to be made into unintended promotional or for sale items. If you have any questions on how to use a particular marketing asset, please reach out to us directly.

Email us at

Can I run UGN events in another program?

Running UGN events in a separate program runs the risk of improperly transcribing data or the event being improperly reported. We ask that all UGN events be run in our webapp directly.

Can our store get extra support if we are running a special event?

If your store is running UGN play at a local convention, hosting a large number of demos at a local fair or engaging in some other special event, please reach out to us! We want to help support your store in a variety of ways, but we will need to get details around the event so we can determine the best kind of support.

Email us at

As a retailer, can I order products directly from you?

We do not do direct to retailer sales. Please reach out to our Authorized Distributors to purchase our products.

Can I purchase UVS Games products wholesale?

Individuals are not able to purchase UVS Games products wholesale. Please reach out to our Authorized Distributors in your region to determine the rules around setting up a retailer account with them (Note: Different regions have different rules).

Can I set my (club / school / library / house) up as part of the UGN?

The UGN allows individuals to run casual level events on their own, and people are welcome to register their club, at home or other events in that way. If you are an educator and want to get your school's club involved with Universus, please reach out to us at and we will see in what way we are able to support you.
LGS tier and higher events, as well as marketing support like standees, Plus Ultra kits and Prereleases are only available to physical hobby retailers who have registered their organization on the UGN and are running UGN events.

Join the UGN.

As a player, how can I get my store involved in running UGN events?

Thanks for helping us to grow the UGN! You should encourage your LGS to reach out to us by email ( or encourage them to sign up for the UGN directly. You are also welcome to send the store information to our LGS team yourself, and we will reach out to them and work to get them on board. Additionally, offering your knowledge and skills to the store to help run some demos or help with tournament rules questions might help convince the store to start running events!

Join the UGN.

Are all 3 versions of UniVersus compatible?

YES! All of the cards released under the Universal Fighting System, My Hero Academia CCG and UniVersus game names are 100% compatible with each other. Symbols and nomenclature have changed a bit over the years and between versions, but the cards are all part of the same game system. For official events you are already required to use opaque sleeves to account for the fact that cards bearing the old UFS, more recent UniVersus or the new UniVersus backs could all be used in the same deck.

What kinds of formats are supported for UGN play? Can I create and run my own format?

We have updated this answer on October 17th after publishing this article.

The main formats we support for UGN play at the LGS tier of events are:
- Sealed Deck (build your deck from 6 packs)
- Booster Draft (pick one card and pass the remainder of the pack for 6 packs)
- Spotlight (currently the "MHA Only" format, but will shift to encompass other IPs)
- Standard (in 2024 will only allow sets printed in 2022 and later)
- Retro (includes all cards from sets made by Jasco Games or UVS Games)

As of October 17th, when creating an event in the UGN, you would pick “Sealed” for either Sealed or Draft , "MHA Block Constructed" for Spotlight, and you would choose “Universus format” for Standard. Expect a revision to these options in the coming months.
You should always include details in the event description so players know what exactly to expect. At the LGS tier of events, you should not have “house rules” around banned or allowed cards, sets or other format changes.

If you want to create your own fun format, you can run those events as Causal tier events. You should pick the event format option that is closest to the type of event you’re running (defaulting to “Universus format” if in doubt). You should always include a detailed description of the event format you’re running, including allowed or restricted cards, sets, etc.

If you would like assistance coming up with a fun format that can get a specific group of players engaged (for instance, if you want help creating a new player league), please reach out to the LGS team at

What if I have a question not answered here?

We have a dedicated LGS team ready to help retailers like you! Please email them at
If you have a consumer specific question, you can contact our customer support team at

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Stay up to date with the roadmap progress, announcements and exclusive discounts. Feel free to sign up with your email.

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