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Hero Image - Default Card Back


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Character Cards

In UniVersus you play as your Character Card — it represents everything about your deck, including your maximum health and even your hand size!

Character Cards have powerful Enhance abilities that define your deck's strategy!

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Attack Cards attack a Zone — High, Medium or Low, just like a fighting game!

Defending players can play blocks from their hand and match the zone of their block to nullify the attack completely, but watch out -- the higher the Attack's Speed Stat, the harder it is to block!

Attacks that land reduce your Rival's health by the attack's damage! Knock your opponent down to 0 to win the game!

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Foundations help you play more cards per turn, and give you special abilities you can use during a fight!

Foundation Cards are built into your stage by playing them from your card pool, just like attacks!

Once they're on your stage, Foundations can Commit themselves to help you pass checks to play cards!

For a full tutorial on how to play UniVersus, check out the resources below!

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