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Season 1 Major Regionals Draft Events Update

We recently went out with the news that we had a collation update to the Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Booster Packs.


Towards the end of the article, we mentioned that we would do a poll on our social channel for how to select character cards for Season 1 Major Regionals draft events.

The options were:
1. Before Drafting Packs
(Pick your character card before the draft starts. So before any packs are opened, you will have the option of selecting one character card out of the total pool of available character cards.)

2. Only from Drafted Packs
(You can only pick a character card from the packs that are drafted. So the character card selection will be limited to whatever character cards that are available to you as you open and draft cards from the packs.)

3. Pick any after Draft
(Select one additional character card from entire pool after draft.)

Well the results are in.

16.1% said they prefer Before Drafting Packs

26.2% said they prefer Only from Drafted Packs

57.7% said they prefer to Pick any after Draft

Therefore, for any draft events during Season 1 Major Regionals, players can select one additional character card from the base roster of the character card slot after draft.
These characters are limited to:

  • Bui

  • Chu

  • Elder Toguro

  • Genkai

  • Hiei, Dragon Within

  • Jin

  • Karasu

  • Kurama, Youko Unleashed

  • Kuro Momotaro

  • Kuwabara, Spirited Warrior

  • Rinku

  • Shishiwakamaru

  • Suzuki

  • Toya

  • Younger Toguro

  • Yusuke, Team Leader

Players may still draft and use character cards as normal, but the above option gives players more flexibility. (UVS Games does plan to provide the character card which the player will need.)

We would love to hear more from our community about the draft format going forward. We have created an open survey we would like our players to fill out. You can find this Survey here: Link to Survey

For more information about our events this year, check out this overview article:
2024 Organized Play Overview
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