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Attack on Titan

One hundred years ago, humanity faced extinction when the monstrous Titans invaded and devoured almost all humans. The survivors hid behind massive walls to protect themselves. The Titans are a distant memory, and a boy named Eren dreams of exploring the world outside Wall Maria. But his dream will become a nightmare when the Titans return and humanity is again on the edge of destruction.

Attack on Titan: Battle For Humanity

UVS Games is teaming up with Kodansha, Japan’s top publishing house, to bring a legendary IP to the UniVersus CCG: the globally acclaimed and New York Times best-selling manga series Attack on Titan

Coming in 2024, Attack on Titan will be released for the UniVersus CCG bringing the manga masterpiece by Hajime Isayama to life. With original and reimagined artwork from the manga, it will feature fan-favorite characters from Attack on Titan. It will be a welcoming experience for UniVersus CCG newcomers while still offering a strategic depth for experienced players, allowing all experience levels the ability to enjoy the thrill and fun of the game.

For fans of Attack on Titan, we can confirm that the first booster set, Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity, will be released on August 16, 2024. Along with the booster set, you can get a Challenger Series product and Clash Decks based on the manga. We will release a second Attack on Titan booster set and a Challenger Series product in Q4 2024.

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