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The Future of UniVersus

UniVersus Awaits You

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Announcing UVS Games – our new company name. Hear it from the owners themselves!

Character is what defines us. What we care about. How we act. What we put our hearts into.

We are Co-Presidents Paul Wharshavsky and Luohan Wei, and are proud to introduce UVS Games. We care about the UniVersus Collectible Card Game and we care about you: the players across the globe who come together each week to play UniVersus at your local game store.

UniVersus' origin story started in 2006 with its creation by Sabertooth Games as the Universal Fighting System. 17 years later, UniVersus, that same game, is still thriving with new players, new characters, new challengers. But the core hasn’t changed - the bringing franchises to life through tabletop gaming and bringing people together to share that joy. UVS Games' mission is to bring UniVersus to the next level, and we’ve assembled a team of experienced game professionals to do it.

Characters are what define our fandom. Who do we care about? Who represents us? Who do we want to play as? Who would win in a fight?

From day one, UniVersus has let players play their favorite characters across different franchises and throw down. UVS Games is bringing even more of your favorite characters to the arena. Some come from games, manga, and anime you’ve wanted to see in the game for years. Others are old favorites re-entering the fight. Whether you pick a character who’s been in the game for years, or a brand new one, know that UniVersus is one system, one game. All your characters and cards are compatible. So break out your old decks, and build new ones. Because there’s always someone waiting to challenge you.

New Name, New Look

UVS Games brings players, collectors, designers, local games stores, and fans together to play fan versus fan. To celebrate, we’ve updated the look and feel of our company and our game.


The V in our new logo does not divide us but brings US together. The shape of the logo badge evokes the shape of a card as you lift it from the table.

The new brand celebrates an acronym our community uses on a daily basis. Whether it is to describe a card, a player, or a match - UVS is globally communicated by our players and retailers. We believe our efforts to transform UVS Games, while still embracing our incredible heritage, will keep our brand relevant for generations to come.

The first additions to the UniVersus catalog under the UVS Games look and feel will be the Challenger Series: Trigun Stampede and Challenger Series: Cowboy Bebop, as well as My Hero Academia: Jet Burn releasing later this year.

UniVersus: True to Its Heritage


A modern UniVersus brand demands a clear recognizable identity that can pair with the most compelling art from franchises around the world. For our packaging, we chose a deep and vibrant orange that would be easy to find in a local game store. Within our game, orange is the color of attack. That hit of adrenaline when you lift a powerful attack is like the hit of adrenaline when you pick up a new release for the first time.


Our new card backs embrace our game’s heritage. The new backs feature a representation of versus game play, with two competing swirls. Each side references a chapter from our game’s history, and emphasizes its continuity: one game system through the years. With our new card back, we bring UniVersus into its next chapter.


Check out this article written by our very own HitcH about the new card frame!

My Hero Academia - JetBurn

Beginning with Jet Burn, the next UniVersus My Hero Academia Set, the new branding will appear on packaging, company’s advertising, website, and social channels.

JetBurn content

We've got some big plans for the next set. Here’s a sneak peek, written by UVS's own Bill Stark!

UniVersus: Get Ready For New Challengers

There are so many franchises and characters joining UniVersus in the near future, we needed to create a new type of product to handle them all! Introducing: The Challenger Series. Each Challenger Series product contains 2 all-new character cards, a complete deck that can play with either character, and a Collector’s booster of premium versions of the cards to help you bling out our deck. This Fall we are excited to celebrate our first Challenger Series. Based in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth has become largely uninhabitable, the story of two iconic franchises meet: Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede. Learn more here!


We'd like to thank our community for sticking through it with us over the past few years. We hope to make y'all proud.

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