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Introducing — The Challenger Series!

Bill Stark

Today I get to tell you about a brand new product line coming to the world of UniVersus. Before I do that, however, I want to walk you through how we got here.

Learning a Game

Playing TCGs is a bit like learning a language. It can be incredibly daunting at first, with new learners intimidated at the amount of knowledge available to learn and the work in front of them to do so. Meanwhile veterans are a whiz at the most esoteric elements of the language/game making it seem like a piece of cake. To make this onboarding process easier we build a special product for players to use to learn to play: the Clash Deck series.

However, a funny thing happened as we were building Clash: our entrenched players snapped them up faster than our new players could. Undaunted Raid, our most recent release, is a great example of this with Clash decks featuring Overhaul and Lemillion being sold out in many areas. What we learned is that you really, really love preconstructed decks featuring your favorite characters from your favorite universes.

Solving the Need

The success of Clash decks was a bit of a double-edged sword: while we love that our long-time players enjoy this product, we still need a product line that can help new players get started in the game. You love our preconstructed decks, and new players need an out-of-the-box solution to learn how to play the game. The solution?

Introducing…the Challenger Series.

Calling All Challengers

The Challenger Series is an entirely new preconstructed deck line for UniVersus fans, designed for veteran players. It features a preconstructed deck ready for play in events, as well as a special “collector” booster. Your deck will feature mechanically unique cards you can only find in the Challenger Series and may also include reprints from previous releases.

The Collector Booster sets the Challenger Series apart from our onboarding product line, the Clash Decks, and is perfect for the avid collector looking to make their deck shine. It includes 6 randomly inserted cards from the Preconstructed deck printed with a foil treatment, alternate art, and in some cases entirely different flavor text to help deepen the story being told through the cards.

Going the Extra Mile

Because the Challenger Series is a self-contained play experience it lets us do something awesome: expand the amount of worlds we visit with the UniVersus card game. That’s right: the Challenger Series will often feature worlds separate from the universe in which our main booster releases are set. I’m excited to reveal more specifics about this soon but suffice to say Challenger Series frees us up to visit some awesome places while delivering you the fantastic play experience you’ve come to expect from UniVersus games.

I’m beyond excited to launch this new product line, and I encourage you to make sure you don’t miss a beat as we bring it to life. You can follow me on Twitter here, or you can follow our social media channels here:


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