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Jet Burn Sneak Peek

Bill Stark

The biggest UniVersus set of the year is just around the bend: Jet Burn! I’m ecstatic to kick off our spoiler season today, and discuss some of the awesomeness that’s coming in our sixth foray into the My Hero Academia universe.

Introducing Character Alternate Arts

One of the goals of Jet Burn was to make opening booster packs even more awesome. To that end we made the decision to introduce a new type of collectible card to the UniVersus world: alternate art cards. These cards appear approximately one in every 18 packs and will feature alternate art designs for Characters from Jet Burn and previous MHA sets. 

Jet Burn Prerelease

During our Undaunted Raid release we introduced the Prerelease Player’s Kit, a self-contained experience with everything you need to play in your Prerelease. The overwhelming response from players and retailers alike has been that these kits are awesome. So, we’re bringing them back! Jet Burn will feature a Prerelease Player’s Kit for each player that attends an official Jet Burn Prerelease (find one and sign up here on the UGN).

We also re-examined the Prerelease promo given out at Prereleases previously. Some players felt a mechanically unique card you could only receive by attending events on one specific weekend wasn’t the best way to celebrate a new set. With the addition of new alternate art cards in Jet Burn we’re going to switch things up for this Prerelease: included in each Prerelease Player’s kit is an Extra Rare Character Card or alternate art card. This gives you the chance to get something awesome in your Prerelease Player’s Kit and celebrate the uniqueness of the Jet Burn alternate arts while removing the “feel bad” of not getting a mechanically unique card if you couldn’t make the Prerelease. We’ll be listening to your feedback on this change to understand how you feel about it.

New Design

I am unbelievably excited for the launch of our new product design beginning with Jet Burn. You can read more about this here. Smarter folks than I have said a great deal about it already, but the new cards look absolutely fantastic, and the packaging is glorious. I can’t wait for you to see it in Jet Burn.

Big Changes We’re Keeping

In Undaunted Raid we debuted some big new changes to UniVersus, and many of those changes are sticking around. Here are just a few:

  • A character card will appear in each booster pack

  • This set is the best designed to date for booster draft and Limited play

  • There are six Secret Rares in this set, appearing approximately one per booster box

  • There is no First Edition/Unlimited split in Set 6

  • Chrome Rares return

For Jet Burn, Chrome Rares are not only back, but they will once more feature five character cards. We continue to experiment in this space, and I’m very excited to share with you which characters we selected in the coming weeks.

Nothing to See Here…

What’s that? You’re super excited about the set but you just want to see one card? No can do...


But we can do two!

More to Come…

I truly feel each set we’ve built this year is better than the last, and I’m beyond excited to get to kick off previews today. Make sure to check back regularly in the coming weeks as we make more announcements and reveal more Jet Burn cards. Follow the conversation on our social media channels here:


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Stay up to date with the roadmap progress, announcements and exclusive discounts. Feel free to sign up with your email.

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