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Ban and Errata Update 02/06/24

UVS Games

There are no changes to the Standard or Spotlight UniVersus Banned and Errata list this month. Fresh off the heels of the Hero League Championship, we are excited by the variety and innovation that was on display in both the main event, but also our Last Chance Qualifier and Retro events. We have a lot of results to analyze as we head into the release of the Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament launch! Not to mention the shake up to the Standard format from the set rotation that comes along with this set's release. As our formats branch, we plan on continuing to break down results for each format to ensure an enjoyable and healthy play experience in every supported format.

With our next booster set release coming this month containing a large number of reprinted cards from the game’s past, we know there are still some questions our fans feel have been left unanswered about reprinted cards. We will be addressing that issue in a statement soon.

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