Introducing: A New Era of UGN

UVS Games

Introducing: A New Era of UGN

We’re thrilled to announce a new chapter for UGN. Head over to to check it out yourself!

With a fresh look and new features, these enhancements are the first steps geared toward taking your UGN experience to new heights. And believe us, this is just the beginning… there’s a lot more coming your way as we gear up for 2024.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A new domain:!

  • A deckbuilder & card database integrated into UGN, allowing you to construct your decks directly on the platform and seamlessly upload them to your events. 

  • Introduction of new event types designed to simplify logging free play & demo sessions.

  • Incorporation of multiple activities within events streamlining the management of side events alongside tournaments.

  • A revamped appearance with enhanced UX/UI capabilities.

You can dive into more details about these exciting features here.

The best part is that there is little disruption to existing users, as play history has been migrated to the new system. Simply create an account with your current UGN email address and create a new password to get started.

For players, joining events and checking their current point balances can be done immediately. However, we’re putting finishing touches on a feature that will allow players to review their event history. More guidance on accessing the new system as a player can be found here.

If you’re a tournament organizer, you’ll be able to access previously held events and have the ability to create new ones right away. While previous event rosters will be visible, previous event placings won’t be displayed. Find more details on logging into the new system as a tournament organizer here.

As with any software release, you may experience some hiccups during our initial launch phase. We’ll do our best to address these as quickly as possible. Keep in mind the system will steadily evolve with ongoing improvements and refinements.

If you have any questions, are experiencing any issues, or have any feedback for us, please contact us at

Here’s to the next chapter of UGN!

-UVS Games

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