Challenger Series Launch Event

Updates as of January 16, 2024 (more details below in the article)

  • Characters can only be selected in an event if the event is “Challenger Series Launch Event” template.

  • Organizers must create LGS tournament events with the “Challenger Series Launch Event” template. 

  • Organizers can update a previously created event to this template by clicking the “gear” icon on the event page. This change takes a few seconds to do!

  • "Challenger Series Launch Event" template is excluded from online only events.

  • Players can only select their characters if they’re logged into their account and registered for a “Challenger Series Launch Event”. 

  • At this time, organizers are not able to select a character on behalf of players. 

Calling All Bounty Hunters!!!

Welcome to the Big Shots! We’ve got the newest hit out, and this time the hunt is happening at YOUR local game store! Your mission, Space Cowboy, is to sleeve up one of the newest characters from our upcoming Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede Challenger Series to earn exclusive bounties.

Bounty Details

Earn a ton of extra Loyalty Points that you can use on new EXCLUSIVE Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede alternate arts inside our Loyalty store. That’s right. Registering Spike, Faye, Vash, or Wolfwood in any Challenger Series Launch Event during this period will hook you up with some extra woolongs and double dollars that you can use on anything in our Loyalty store, including these one-of-a-kind bounties. Not to mention, if you play all FOUR of these new character cards, you’ll get a sweet bonus on top of it! You’re gonna wanna try out every single one of them in order to find out who the best gunslinger truly is!

But any true cowboy knows that bounty hunting is a first come, first serve basis. It’s a dog eat dog world, and only the best of the best can rake in the prize. That’s why the cowboy with the most wins across all events on their specific character will also get an even bigger piece of the points pie! Check out the breakdown below for all the juicy details, and good luck out there! May the best cowboy win!

Two new alt-art cards will be added to the Loyalty store, one each for Trigun: Stampede and Cowboy Bebop, plus a special Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary playmat. 

To help you earn Loyalty Points to get these bounties, we’re granting bonus points when you play the four new character cards found in these Challenger Series during official UGN events.

  • After registration, simply select a qualifying character card as your main character to earn extra points on top of the standard points you earn. Please note that TOs are unable to select characters on behalf of players at this time.

  • Plus, win an additional bonus for playing all four characters at four different events over the span of the launch event!

Let’s take a look at these new additions:


Event Details:

Event Start: January 19, 2024

Event End: February 18, 2024

How to Participate: 

Step 1 - Register: Register in a Challenger Series Launch Event on  UGN at 

Step 2- Check In & Select Character: At the time of registration, select one of the qualifying characters via the pop up prompt. Please note that TOs are unable to select characters on behalf of players at this time.


Step 3 - Play!: Show up to the event and play! You must play at least one round. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but you do have to play.

Step 4 - Earn Bounties!: In addition to the normal points you’ll receive for playing at your LGS, you’ll earn bonus Loyalty Points as follows:

For each different event played using a different qualifying Character card (i.e.: playing two events with the same character card does not count as twice), a player will earn bonus Loyalty Points:

  • Each different character played = 200 bonus Loyalty points

  • Play all 4 characters = an additional 250 Loyalty points

  • Additionally, all players who registered and played the character card who had the highest number of wins during the event will be awarded an additional 250 Loyalty points. Play all four characters and you are guaranteed to earn this bonus!

  • And of course, players earn their regular points from playing in each official UGN event.

You can use these bonus Loyalty Points on anything in the Loyalty Store, including the new alt-art promos and playmat. And of course, you can spend Loyalty Points you’ve earned in prior events on these bounties as well.

Timing: Bonus Loyalty points earned will be awarded to all participating player’s accounts within 7 business days of the end of the event. After all bonus points are awarded, an email will be sent to all participants alerting them that their balances have been updated.

New Loyalty Store Items: After all earned points have been awarded, the following items will be added to the Loyalty Store:


Loyalty Point Cost

Split-Second Standoff Alt-art Promo card

250 Loyalty points each

Get the Scoop Alt-art Promo card

250 Loyalty points each

Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary playmat

2000 Loyalty points each

Please note that the Cowboy Bebop 25th Anniversary playmat is available in limited quantities, and like all items in the Loyalty store, is available on a first come-first serve basis, while supplies last. 

Want to know more about the UniVersus Loyalty Program? Click Here!

First time visiting UGN since our website update? Simply visit, click LOGIN and create a new account with your existing UGN email address. Your account information will then automatically be transferred over! Read more on the new UGN here.

Hosting an Event? 

Make sure you’re using the Challenger Series Launch Event template so that your players have the ability to add characters and earn bonus points. 

If you’ve already created an event, simply click the gear icon on the event page and update the template to Challenger Series Launch Event. Once the template is set, registered players will be able to add a character from the main event page.


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