Set 4

MHA04 League of Villains

My Hero Academia

League of Villains puts the villains center stage, featuring first appearances from "One For All", "Twice", "Spinner", "Muscular", and "Moonfish", as well as return appearances from other fan-favorite villains like "Tomura Shigaraki", "Dabi" and "Himiko Toga".

League of Villains features the new attack keyword, "Echo"! Attacks with Echo can pay one momentum to "Echo" the attack, playing it twice! This mechanic on cards like "Resolute Rushdown" and "Dignified Display" pressure your opponent by forcing them to dedicate multiple blocks to a single attack.

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3D-MHACCG-SET 4-ClashDeck-1

My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game - 2 Player Rival Deck All Might vs. All For One

3D-MHACCG-S4-LOV-BoosterBox 1

My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Set 4: League of Villains Booster Display

MHA-Plus Ultra BG-3D box 1

My Hero Academia: Plus Ultra! Board Game

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