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Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Enhanced

Levi Lalonde

Previously in First Form, we got our initial look at this set depicting one of the most exciting tournament arcs in all of anime, and how it’s going to be shaking up UniVersus with tons of new fighters and rarities galore! But now it’s time to enhance our vision of this incredibly unique set.

Dark Tournament is a VERY unique product in a myriad of ways.

Even the way you obtain this special booster series is different. Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament will be obtainable only at your local game stores, and also sport an exciting release event in which victors will gain entry into our webcam Wish Tournament. Check out our video for more details on that.

Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament: Wish Tournament Details - YouTube

You have to hit up your local game store if you want to get your hands on this one of a kind release. Dark Tournament is also a supersized set! Packs for this set contain 12 cards rather than 11, so there’s a little something extra for you in every booster.

One of the most standout things about Dark Tournament is that it drops a sort of new type of card in Time Shifted Reprints.  These 35 cards Time Shifted Reprints will bring back cards from the very first Yu Yu Hakusho set into Dark Tournament. And, they’re receiving quite the visual upgrade. You’ll be seeing them in our new card design for the very first time, not to mention we’ll even be changing up the art on some of them!

Yu Yu Hakusho OG Rando-s
Yu Yu Hakusho Rando-s

This also means the return of older mechanics coming into the new era of UniVersus for the first time. We’ll see cards sporting things like the lack of a block modifier, and the Desperation keyword as well as references to it.  It’s also 35 chances for your favorite old Yu Yu Hakusho cards to come back into the game for a second time for you to enjoy again.

Now time shifted reprints are one thing, but this set also possesses a whole new rarity in Retro Reprints. These are also cards reprinted from the original Yu Yu Hakusho set, but they function much differently. Retro Reprints maintain their original Yu Yu Hakusho set watermark. This means they’ll only be legal for play in formats containing that set.

These cards are powerhouses from the previous era of the game. Hyper stylized backgrounds, oversized fonts, and the retro Japanese show logo adorn these cards for a truly nostalgic look and feel. You’ll be finding approximately one of these four per box inside Dark Tournament. 

Secret Rares and Chrome Rares will also return with Dark Tournament. We’ve already seen Genkai flexing her teaching skills and Yusuke’s Chrome headshot looking better than ever before, keep your eyes peeled during reveal season to see even more of these card types!

Dark Tournament is bringing some great visual upgrades to UniVersus inside of it.

Our commons will contain a simple and minimalistic linework pattern through their boxes. Meanwhile, our uncommons will sport this very retro looking grid pattern reminiscent of the Dark Tournament stage across them. Lastly, our Rare and above cards will feature this beautiful swirl of spirit energy painting their entire text box. These changes all come together to give Yu Yu Hakusho’s second foray into our a game a look and energy that keeps it feeling unique, as well as refreshing and nostalgic at the same time.

Yu Yu Hakusho 16 slashes
Yu Yu Hakusho keiko-s
Yu Yu Hakusho looms

When it comes to XRs, the only ones you’re going to find inside this set are the Character XRs, as well as XSRs.

However, Dark Tournament will bring 6 different alternate arts in a mainline booster series.

Urameshi and his team have all eyes on them in this gruesome tournament and in this alternate art, and Keiko’s will and spirit pushing them on to succeed has never looked better than with this ethereal golden background.

Yu Yu Hakusho keiko-s alt

Being a tournament arc, the fights are what it’s all about here. Representing those moments faithfully is the standout mission of Dark Tournament as a booster set. Card after card throughout this set highlight intense battles, thrilling action, and life or death moments nonstop. You better believe we’ll capture many of those moments through a mixture of gorgeous artwork and flavorful abilities.

Yu Yu Hakusho knife edge

Another major factor about the Dark Tournament is that it’s a Team Tournament. You’ll notice that not only do these cards feature our teams lined up and ready to fight, but they also all carry an ability only playable by characters possessing that team’s trait. Being able to utilize your team’s card is yet another bonus of selecting a character from that team. Who knows what other teams might be lying in wait?

Yu Yu Hakusho teams

This arc also features many iconic characters that don’t necessarily have fighting roles. The Dark Tournament is rich with characters both helping and harming our heroes from the sidelines. The signature side characters of this arc are making stellar appearances throughout Dark Tournament to make sure no moment goes uncaptured.

Yu Yu Hakusho gamble
Yu Yu Hakusho juri

Even the new cards in Dark Tournament are looking to honor our heritage a bit.

We can see design aspects of older cards debuting in some of the new cards. You might find cards in this set that ask you to Check a number as a cost for an ability.

Yu Yu Hakusho shapeshifter

You’ll also find some abilities or themes brought back from the previous set in some clever ways that pay a nice homage to previous iterations.

Yu Yu Hakusho genkais spirit
Yu Yu Hakusho botan-s

Take a look at our new roadmap to know when you can expect to see more of Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament.

Yu Yu Hakusho card reveal roadmap

February 23rd will mark the day Dark Tournament hits game store shelves, as well as the beginning of the release events! You don’t need a prebuilt deck to play in these release events, and they’ll also reward you with beautiful promo cards and a playmat if you come out on top!

Yu Yu Hakusho Enchanced Recap

The winners of these release events will also receive invitations into our online Wish Tournament! Taking place on March 9th and 10th, a real life Dark Tournament in of itself, the best players in these will be competing for not only Chrome Rares, but also their very own wish to make at the very end! Make sure you talk to your LGS about getting in on the action.

Wish Tournament Prizing

See the full video on our YouTube: Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament - Enhanced

Product information: Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Product Page

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