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My Hero Academia: Girl Power First Look

Explore the expansive My Hero Academia universe through UniVersus, from the up-and-coming heroines of Class 1-A and Class 1-B, through the menacing League of Villains, to the renowned Pro Heroes. Enhance your collection with Universus CCG Boosters, featuring powerful female characters from across the entire series featuring exclusive, never-been-seen art! 

We kick off this preview with a hero fans have eagerly awaited to rejoin UniVersus: Mirko, the Rabbit Hero, leaps into action!


Mirko's agility and strength shine as she commits her character to clear her card pool, empowering her next attack. She can also sacrifice a foundation to bounce back and maintain her Response with each assault. And if your opponent attempts to thwart her attack, fear not! Mirko's Ultra Rare, Luna Arc, punishes them for their evasion.


Luna Arc maintains its velocity even against a guarded opponent, allowing you to kick through their defense with an additional cost to block. Plus, a Deadlock Stun effect aids Mirko in breaking through even the sturdiest of barriers.


Flying solo has its advantages, exemplified by Mirko's foundation, Solo Pro's Ferocity, showcasing her resilience by sustaining her speed and strategically trading blows with her opponent. No wonder this pro hero is climbing the ranks. She's a formidable addition to any collection!

But Mirko isn’t alone in this set. With a myriad of characters to choose from, including UA High students and League of Villains foes, there's no shortage of combatants.


Don't overlook your favorite Class 1-A heroines! Ochako unleashes her new attack, Zero Gravity Tag, ensuring its success regardless of its placement in the attack sequence. Plus, by discarding a card, all Class 1-A members can boost their checks, making it a potent finisher for any of our favorite students.


But don’t ever forget that the League of Villains is ever-present in the shadows. Himiko Toga entices foes with Perceived Weakness, dealing early damage to exploit vital strikes. This will be a valuable addition to any Toga build, either old or new!

But don’t expect to just see these threee. There’s a whole roster full of new and returning characters to look forward to!


Joining the fray for the first time is the Class 1-B student, Itsuka Kendo. Armed with her quirk, Big Fist, she can amplify attack damage and induce Stun, providing tactical control in battle. Not to mention, while she’s throwing hands, both of your hands are growing!


Meanwhile, Mei Hatsume debuts her versatile invention, "Patchwork Baby," capable of surprising opponents with its adaptable abilities via keywords. She never fails to invent something that’s right for the situation (and also a little bit scary at the same time).


Momo Yaoyorozu showcases the set's first Secret Rare with her Net Launcher, a high-cost, high-reward attack that exemplifies Momo’s quick thinking and wit in any situation she finds herself in.


But wait, there's more! Girl Power brings back Alt-Arts in full force, featuring vibrant, never-before-seen illustrations for Characters, Secret Rares, and even Ultra Rares, adding a touch of luxury to your deck.


Character Arts show off a different, never-before-seen piece of art with amazingly colorful backgrounds. These look absolutely stunning in foil!


Alt-Art Secret Rares not only feature new art, but continue the use of kanji for the name of the card giving these an amazing unique feel of luxury and decadence.


Meanwhile, Ultra Rares will receive alt-arts so you can fill out the majority of your deck with incredible borderless alt-art and foiled cards!



In addition to the alt-arts, Girl Power features a number of reprints from earlier My Hero Academia CCG sets to make sure we brought together the best of the best all in one set!


For example, long time players have been itching to get ahold of this previous promo-exclusive Uwabami. Now you can open her up in packs of Girl Power! From Foundations, to Attacks, to Characters, stay tuned to see which cards are getting reprinted in Girl Power!


This first look barely scratches the surface of the excitement within My Hero Academia: Girl Power. Stay tuned for more updates and previews!

My Hero Academia: Girl Power will be available on May 17th. Preorders are available at your local game store now! Don’t have a local game store? You can always reach out to us at, or use the store locator on our UGN website. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel on April 17th for more information in Girl Power Enhanced!


But hold on. Let’s leave you with something special. Chrome Rares are seeing their incredible return in Girl Power and they pack a wallop. Who best to show off the first Chrome Rare of the set than the #5 hero herself, Mirko!


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