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My Hero Academia: Girl Power Overview

My Hero Academia: Girl Power is the 7th My Hero Academia booster series released into the UniVersus system. Celebrating the women of My Hero Academia, Girl Power is filled to the brim with powerful new cards, several highly collectible rarities, and a myriad of exciting moments featuring the heroines of the series. 

Many fan favorites make their return in this set with new character cards featuring the evolution and growth of their abilities. After experiencing her Quirk Awakening, Himiko Toga unleashes her rule-breaking new ability to copy the powers of those she transforms into. With her Provisional Hero License in tow, Kyoka Jiro reaches new heights through the use of her Earphone Jack, scouting for information and lining herself up for success. Mina Ashido debuts a whole new level of viscosity, her acid reaching a new level able to melt away even the rival’s resources. And Momo Yaoyorozo shows off amazing growth in her Creation quirk, creating a vast array of different items to show the variety in which she’s tuned her abilities.

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-1b 1440x460
MHA07 Overview-Article Image-1b 1440x460

Meanwhile, newcomers to this set include the likes of Lady Nagant. A former Pro Hero turned Villain, Lady Nagant weaponizes her own resources in order to take out her rivals from afar as she carries out All For One’s will. And the big sister of Class 1-B, Itsuka Kendo makes her long awaited appearance. Utilizing her Big Fist quirk for some massive hand size, she’ll overwhelm you with successive close combat strikes.

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Girl Power is the first UniVersus booster series where you’ll find alternate art versions of every character in the set. Toga’s playful nature really comes across here, she looks so pleased with her new winter coat! Jiro shows off a calm and thoughtful vibe in her casual new look. Lady Nagant gets an action packed close-up, showing off her powerful resolve. Mina offers us a good natured fist bump, the breakdancing queen always knows how to have a good time! Momo’s confidence in herself really comes across in her reassuring stare, she’s ready to lead the battle with you! And Kendo is swooping in mid-punch, ready and excited to kick off the fight! Look forward to seeing different sides of your favorite characters as you hunt down these beautifully foiled versions inside pack after pack.

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-3a 1440x460
MHA07 Overview-Article Image-3b 1440x460

Our signature characters are all bringing their strongest moves to the table as well. Toga’s barrages of needles are unrelenting as she sends blade after blade your way. Jiro rushes deep into battle by amplifying her series of attacks, building upon each other like soundwaves. And Lady Nagant shows off her terrifying precision and maneuverability as she fires shot after shot without difficulty.

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-4 1440x460

And of course, our heroines are attacking in style as well. Look forward to seeing alternate art versions of every Ultra Rare inside of Girl Power. Stylized backgrounds, color coded palettes, and a full borderless look adorn these Ultra Rares for an visually stunning and incredibly collectable feel.

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-5 1440x460

But UniVersus rarities hardly plateau at just Ultra Rare. Girl Power’s Secret Rares are just as stunning, powerful, and elusive. Kendo’s fists have never been more ready to finish someone off than in Big Fist Bash. This move is the cornerstone of any chain of strikes, while also stopping your rival in their tracks on their turn! Jiro commands her attack strings in Audio Reverberation, amplifying her future attacks once more as well as pinning down her rival’s resources with her sound. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll even find the highly sought after alternate art versions of these Secret Rares as well! Ditching the color coded border for a full art feel, changing up the art and angles, and a splash of golden kanji make these worthy of being the second rarest cards throughout the set.

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-6b 1440x460
MHA07 Overview-Article Image-6a 1440x460

But what’s the first? When it comes to Chrome Rares, Girl Power is going to continue the run in stellar fashion. Now with reticulated texture to highlight key points of the art, our serialized, multi layered, and incredibly rare collector’s pieces have truly never looked better. Toga joins this legendary rarity here, but who else will make the Chrome cut? 

MHA07 Overview-Article Image-7 1440x460

To find out who the rest of the Chromes are, as well as stay up to date with the rest of the upcoming Girl Power card reveals, keep your eyes peeled to our social channels!

You can preorder My Hero Academia: Girl Power now at your local game store! Talk to your LGS about signing up for Prerelease events as well, where you can gain access to product and play in sealed events one week before the set releases! In addition, every Prerelease kit will include a random alternate art Ultra Rare or alternate art Character Card!

To find a store carrying UniVersus near you, use the store locator on our UGN.

You can also use our event finder to locate Girl Power Prerelease events near you!

*We are aware that the Momo Yaoyorozu .III (Character CH-ALT) card has a print error and will be updating our errata list with the correct symbols upon set release.

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