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First Form: Critical Role Challenger Series

Levi Lalonde

Coming straight from the pages of the land of Exandria, two pairs of adventurers have arrived in UniVersus! Come see what magical and chaotic tales await us as we say hello to Vox Machina and Mighty Nein in the Critical Role: Challenger Series!

It’s time to take our first look at the newest Challenger Series hitting UniVersus’ doorstep.

Vox Machina Key Art
Mighty Nein Key Art

Critical Role Challenger Series.

Say hello to some of your favorite adventurers stepping outside the realm of dice and books in order to come throw down in our collectible card game. Featuring members of both Vox Machina and Mighty Nein, you’ll be able to play as some of your favorite characters from these beloved campaigns.


These two 60-card preconstructed decks are ready to play right out of the box, offering four fan favorite characters to play as. This pair of Challenger Series will feature either the enigmatic twin half-elves Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia, or the chaotic detective duo Jester Lavorre and Nott the Brave. In addition to being playable right out of the box, both these decks will include two different playable characters, each completely unique in their own ways that will dynamically change up the gameplay.


Fans of Vox Machina’s campaign will be able to sharpen their weapons as the Cunning Thief, Vax’ildan. Get ready to chain together and unleash a flurry of blades, knives, and daggers, daggers, daggers until your rival is completely torn apart.


Or you can suit up as the Resourceful Hunter herself, Vex’ahlia. Skillfully Mark Your Prey in order to lay waste to your rival’s health and resources, sending deadly arrow after arrow at great range and with precise marksmanship.


You can also join the motley crew of Mighty Nein with the Prankster Priestess, Jester Lavorre. With the ability to toy with your rival’s resources and retrieve her powerful spells on demand, she can bring divine healing or great harm to your rival in any situation.


Last, but certainly not least, you can break out the buttons and pour a drink or two with the Irritable Goblin, Nott the Brave! Whether she’s pick-pocketing through her discard pile and playing games of chance, or just making sure her flask never runs dry, the fun never stops!


Something you may notice as we see some of these cards for the first time is the beautiful custom artwork of these characters that you’ll find here and only here in the UniVersus CCG. Critical Role: Challenger Series will be the very first product with 100% exclusive artwork throughout every single card inside.

You can also look forward to a Collector’s Booster pack here inside of every Challenger Series. Every pack will contain 6 of the possible cards inside, but in stunning alt art and parallel foil treatments.

Critical Role Challenger Series will also be accompanied by a variety of playmats. Featuring expanded views of art from the cards within the decks. Look forward to these hitting shelves alongside Challenger Series itself.


Starting in February, you’ll get a better look at some of the premiere, exclusive art pieces throughout these decks.

By the end of February, we’ll sit down for “Critical Role: Enhanced”. This video will kick off reveal season, as I sit down to get a deeper look at some of the coolest cards in the decks, as well as insight into the flavor, mechanics, and design of the product as a whole!

From there on out, card reveals will continue via our very own influencers as we see more and more of the misadventures of these two duos.

Finally, March 21st is when you’ll be able to get your hands on Critical Role Challenger Series as our adventurers hit shelves for the very first time.

Preorders are live right now, so make sure you hit up your local game stores and reserve your Challenger Series today. Don’t have a local game store? You can always reach out to us at, or use the store locator on our UGN website.

For a closer look, check out the full First Form video here.

And for more details, take a look at our Critical Role product page.

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